Looking good is no longer a luxury for the rich and famous.
Vintage offers World-Class cosmetic surgery at compelling rates
Style and fashion you can buy. Looks you must possess.
At Vintage we make that possession possible!
We offer many procedures to sculpt your body...
...One part at a time.
Non-Invasive/Minimal Invasive Options Invasive Procedures
Thread/Face Lift: This is a minimal invasive procedure for treatment of facial wrinkles and jowls, usually as an anti-aging treatment.
Facelift(Rhitidectomy): This involves removal of wrinkles/sagging/excess skin and tightening of face and neck muscles.
Botox:  Performed for treatment of facial wrinkles and giving youthful appearance. Possibly the most popular procedure today.
Breast Surgery: For females it provides reshaping, resizing and firmness to enhance their figure. Males come for reduction.
Lasers: For removal of unwanted hair, scars, pigmentation, malformations, tattoos. Also facial rejuvenation and skin resurfacing.
Liposuction: This is the most popular Surgery for body contouring. It reduces unwanted fat through a high-pressure vacuum suction.
Chemical Peels: Performed for facial rejuvenation by the use of chemicals to remove the damaged outer layers.
Rhinoplasty: Improves the shape of the nose and may involve reduction or increase of the size of the nose or removal of humps.
Fillers: These injectables soften facial wrinkles, plump thin lips, enhance shallow contours and improve facial appearance.
Otoplasty: For correcting the deformities in the shape of ears by augmenting the cartilaginous support framework.
Hair Mesotherapy: This involves a vitamin boost to improve blood circulation in the balding area which in turn nourishes hair follicles.
Blepharoplasty:  To correct the drooping eyelids and bulges around the eyes. Excess skin is treated by excision.
Looks Matter!
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In the heart of picturesque and serene Goa, Vintage Hospital, a super specialty, multi-disciplinary hospital provides services equal to the best in the world. Vintage is equipped with modern facilities, internationally qualified doctors, professionally trained nurses and state-of-the art technology and infrastructure.
We also respect patients’ need for confidentiality and maintenance of their records in compliance with internationally accepted standards. To this we add the most valuable resource: Personal Care. Our continued passion for excellence has now made Vintage synonymous with the best medical facility in Goa.
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Our state-of-the-art hospital has international-standard patient rooms, Intensive Care Units (ICU) and Operation Theatres (OT) equipped with round-the-clock monitoring devices. At Vintage you can be assured of the latest in medical technology. More...
At Vintage, we consider our medical professionals and staff to be our most valuable assets without whom we would not have earned the reputation as the best medical facility in Goa. More...
While Vintage is dedicated to provide total health care, we specialize in Surgery and Post-Operative care. We are adept in a range of surgeries from cosmetic ones to those required to remedy life-threatening conditions. More...
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We have the largest number of qualified doctors and consultants among any private hospital in the state of Goa. Beyond mere numbers, it is the qualification, experience and professionalism of these doctors that has earned us our reputation. List of doctors...